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Crafting Dreams,

Cooking Wonders:

Empower Yourself with Tatika!

Say Hello to Tatika

in Summer 2024

Tatika brings together sole entrepreneurs and small ​businesses to monetize their handmade masteries in ​culinary arts and crafts by connecting them with clients in ​alignment with the unique features of every chef and shop.

Tatika is for ones who value tailored approach and eager ​to explore unique wonders!

Our vision

Tatika aims to empower Malaysians by ​accelerating the sales of their healthy and

eco-friendly products and services, ​fostering wellbeing and creating new ​market opportunities.

Tatika's 8 Best Features:

2. Post announcements to ​accelerate sales

1. Manage your own

Chef/Shop portfolio

3. Facilitate and process ​preorders and group orders

8. Simplify, manage and ​secure clients’ orders

4. Manage flow of orders ​given your time and capacity

7. Control and manage

your stock

5. Get connected with clients ​through installed chat

6. Employ marketing tools

(likes, followers, reviews, promos)

Join Tatika Community and explore

diverse opportunities online!

Early birds

Join Tatika within the first ​2 months after its launch ​and enjoy a lifetime of free ​access to the Amateur ​plan!

Just in time

Join Tatika during the 3rd ​or 4th month since its ​launch, and enjoy 2 ​months of Amateur plan ​for free. After, subscribe to ​a plan of your choice

Late majority

Join Tatika during its 5th ​or 6th month since launch, ​and get 2 months of ​Amateur plan for free ​when you bring in at least ​1 new active Chef/Shop*




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TATIKA channel